Holistic Business Accelerator

Step-by-Step Business Transformation

Who are you?

You are a highly skilled provider, practitioner, teacher, coach or facilitator in the holistic health and wellness space. Mind, Body or Spirit. From Acupuncturist to Zumba teacher, from Ayurveda to Zang fu your focus is on serving the health, wellbeing, and transformation of others. You may operate an individual practice, a clinic, a studio, spa, center and be completely or partially online or not at all.

What is your challenge?

You are either dissatisfied with the financial results of your business/practice or you are ready to expand. Either way, you want to grow. My job is to help you design and implement effective systems and strategies that leverage the resources you have.

What is the issue?

There are two main issues in this kind of businesses:

  1. A business model that relies on selling time for money and therefore limits the amount of money you can earn by the time you are willing and able to spend in the business and
  2. The lack of an effective strategy to bring in more clients beyond organic referrals.

Those are the two areas that typically yield the greatest benefits, exponential growth, and the highest level of satisfaction and the ones we focus on.

What do we do?

  1. First, we make sure we have a profitable business model.
  2. Then we set up a system to bring as many new clients as you can handle.

How does it work?

Over many years I have developed a system that takes us through a definitive process leading to much higher profitability and a steady flow of the right clients.

There are a few things we have to get right in the process. Who you serve and where they can be found, the results you deliver, the framework used to describe the problem you’re solving and a few more.

The format is simple:

  • Weekly workbooks to determine all the aspects we need to have in place
  • Weekly one-on-one calls
  • Email support
  • Access to templates, documentation, knowledge

What are the other concerns?

Simply running advertising to a business model that won’t generate the amount of money needed won’t work. Not being specific about your target market or your offer won’t allow for compelling messaging or effective marketing and be far too wasteful. If there is no good product/market fit great messages will make a difference.

As you may expect, growing your business will require that you change certain systems in your business, your actions, the activities in your business, and how you feel about certain aspects of your business. You have to be motivated to make those changes.

You might need to work more ON your business than before. I usually recommend 20% of the time (8 hours for business development and 32 hours for business execution).

There are no shortcuts. Success is a result of consecutive steps in the right direction and repetition of successful strategies.

To explore if this is a good solution for your business please set up a call: