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The biggest opportunity for accelerated growth does not lie outside but inside your business!

Remove Obstacles

Improve Productivity

Actualize Goals

Imagine someone by your side who has only one agenda: your success.

Get to the essence quicker, achieve better results faster, reach higher levels of contentment with your work, accelerate and grow your business, add to your toolkit, remove obstacles, and limitations. Answer key questions you know you need to answer. but were always afraid to ask.
With over 25 years of entrepreneurship across many different industries and business models, and over 15 years of consulting work I can help you grow your business to where you want it to be.
When the business - no matter how large or small - is dependent on your leadership, it is really hard to find someone you can trust, who understands what you are talking about and who can actually help.
Among some of the most common needs that arise in business (not necessarily in this order) is the ability to:
  • Think through important Decisions and get unbiased feedback
  • Create or update your Business Plan
  • Determine Priorities
  • Work through Challenging Issues
  • Discuss Team and employee situations
  • Have an Accountability partner
  • Set Goals
  • Learn new management Skills on the job
  • Figure out promising business Strategies
  • Walk through Marketing Models
  • Develop comprehensive Sales Strategies
  • Improve and adopt Best Business Practices
  • Develop a compelling Vision
  • Develop ProductsPrograms, and Services
  • Get a handle on Systems and Processes  
  • Establish the proper Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
If you are a business owner and feel that your business is not as successful as you think it could be (or should be) please set up a free consultation so we can explore if and how I can help you get the results you want and satisfaction you desire.
You can talk to me about anything and everything related to business, business ownership from professional to personal. Like you, I am a generalist. My specialty is growth by:
  • Removing Bottlenecks
  • Redeploying dormant Assets
  • Changing Marketing strategies
  • Redesigning Business Strategies
  • Utilizing and deploying dormant Capital - not just money but intellectual, human and relationship capital
  • Updating the Business Model to bring people in faster, convert them more effectively, and keep them longer
  • Redefining Relationships to expand the client/customer base
  • Introducing new Distribution Channels and access vehicles

If you find yourself at a point in your business evolution hitting a wall - for whatever reason - in the very beginning or years down the road, your question is what can you do to move the business to the next phase? The answer is not always straightforward. I work with business owners, investors, and partners on solving precisely that challenge by creating an accurate assessment of where the business is, where it needs to go and how to get there. 




Solopreneurs, Small Business Owners, or Business Partners

If you want confidence in your decisions, clarity in your goals, a direction in your actions and reliable outcomes, so that you can achieve the revenue you need, the impact you intend, and the freedom you want you - need a comprehensive Business Growth Plan.

If you find yourself at a point in your business evolution hitting a wall - for whatever reason - in the very beginning or years down the road, your question is what can you do to move the business to the next phase? The answer is not always straightforward. I work with business owners, investors, and partners on solving precisely that challenge by creating an accurate assessment of where the business is, where it needs to go and how to get there. By evaluating every aspect of the business, identifying strengths and weaknesses and developing strategies to correct, we optimize to achieve better results and direction. As a result of this process we create a Business Growth Plan that details what needs to be done to move to the next phase.

Having an accurate and comprehensive roadmap is the single most critical component of any business success. Clarity, direction, intention and a plan of action are the driving forces behind growth and transformation of any business. 

My name is Nicolay H. Kreidler. I'm a business consultant, serial entrepreneur, father of two young kids. I have a long-term investment in helping businesses that do good, do their magic. I believe entrepreneurs are the engines of positive change.

I want to make it worth your time so please read to the end. I provide results-focused transformative consulting that addresses all areas of small business growth management with high touch support. I use a step-by-step approach that I have developed over the years called the Clarity Process®. The Clarity Process® allows us to dive deep into the unique aspects of your business, your market, and your goals and develop a custom plan of action that you can implement.

This is the most efficient and cost-effective way to accelerate your business. If you are not completely clear what next steps to take, how to grow your business, what to focus on, or where to get the resources to do what you want - then this will be for you. We start by assessing your desired outcomes, analyze where you are now and then create a crystal clear path forward to get things done and take your business to the next level of impact, income, and freedom.

If you are a mission-driven Solopreneur, Small Business Owner, or Business Partner we can significantly accelerate your success in achieving your vision and mission.

I work with a range of online and brick and mortar businesses and organizations that are service as well as product-based on creating, developing and improving their desired outcomes while staying true to their mission.

I work closely with owners, directors, investors and other stakeholders to align and balance purpose and process.

In my career, I have been a successful founder, owner, and manager of large and small operations. I have built several successful businesses, giving me a unique perspective and experience around the challenges that arise. 

My approach is based on my ongoing entrepreneurial experience and consulting with many, many different businesses like yours.

As an expert in the field of strategic and operational planning, marketing and service development, my consulting has guided many clients through measurable change and helped them reach their personal and business goals.

I bring over two decades of management and consulting experience at the national and international level to the table and look forward to providing you with the results you are looking for.

I would like to invite you to experience the transformational work I offer by signing up for a free 45-minute strategy session. There is no better to directly experience the work and the outcomes. If I can help you - awesome. If not you will have a much higher level of clarity and I can point you in the right direction for your next step.


As an entrepreneur, it has been a pleasure to work with Mr. Kreidler. For the last 15 years, I’ve worked on two projects with him and his expertise in setting up a small business for success has been very helpful to me.

Nicolay helped to set up my Medical Spa in Central Florida. He provided the business plan, marketing materials, branding information and hiring processes while offsite. I needed extra support with hiring and procedures and he came to my office and spent three weeks getting the details under control. His consulting made it easy for me to be successful.

Fifteen years later I enlisted Nicolay’s consulting services for a project that required a business turnaround. He implemented financial dashboards and marketing strategies to help my second project grow into multiple locations. We went from a loss of $10,000 per month to break even and in month seven a profit of $5,000.

His coaching style, level-headedness, and business acumen helped me achieve my goals. I couldn’t have done it without him.

Tammy Bennett, OMD

Tammy Bennett, OMD

Holistic Clinics

Earlier this year, I felt like my new company was spinning out of control. I desperately needed somebody to help me think about a strategy for reaching my target markets. I needed help and a person with a calming, positive presence to help put the puzzle pieces together.

I received an email from Nicolay. I kept being drawn to it. Finally, I opened it and I decided to follow my intuition. I set up an appointment with him. I instinctively trusted him. He understood my personality and he was curious to learn about the special requirements needed to work with the blind community. That takes a certain kind of curiosity and patience.

It is several months later and BlindAlive LLC is truly turning in the right direction. I am grateful for his patience with my creative and often scattered mind. He has helped me set goals and gently held me accountable. He is generous with his time and I enjoy working with him.

Mel Scott

BlindAlive LLC

Thank you Nicolay for the outstanding job you are doing and have done, navigating our way through a very trying set of circumstances.

Andrew Salony

Alchemy Holistic Bali

Your hard work, contributions, and solid performance have played an integral role in helping drive improved results for the company. Creating success in a year that presented both challenges and opportunities is to be commended and rewarded. Together with grow our business amidst a slowly recovering economy and finalized our strategic plan that has positioned us to focus on the core Wyndham brand.

Jay Litt Senior

Vice President, Wyndham International
Interested in getting some clarity and direction?