Business Development and Crisis Consulting for Holistic Health, Wellness and Hospitality Businesses

My name is Nicolay H. Kreidler. I am the founder and lead consultant at Learn, Grow & Thrive. Together with my team and expert partners, we are a strategic planning and development consultancy that works with mission-driven organizations in the health, wellness, and hospitality space to become more successful and effective in fulfilling their vision and mission.

As a seasoned consultant, I have a proven track record in meeting each client’s unique needs. As an expert in the field of strategic and operational planning, marketing and service development, my consulting has guided many clients through measurable change and helped them reach their personal and business goals.

I bring over two decades of management experience at the national and international level to the table and look forward to being of service.

Our mission is to help business owners and operators develop strategies, tools, and skills so they can succeed in delivering their great service to the community.

We work with professionals to scale and position their business so they can achieve their short and long-term financial goals.

Based in California, we operate worldwide.

We not only focus on developing, growing, and improving businesses but also engage to turn around, restructure and reposition businesses that are on the verge of financial failure and operational collapse. Our deep expertise across allows us to quickly ascertain the key issues and to react immediately on behalf of our clients. Some of the businesses we consult to include:

Health & Wellness:
Spas, Holistic Clinics, Rehab Centers, Resorts & Retreat Centers, Wellness Centers, Holistic Doctors, Wellness Coaches, Yoga Centers, Transformative Art Projects, Conscious Product Companies… 

Raw Food Restaurants, Boutique Hotels, Whole Food Restaurants, Resorts & Retreat Centers …

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Some past and present clients …


 Anselmo Di Virgilio Hernandez  

Wanda Badwal  Tricia

Tammy Bennett Jocelyn Andrew Birgit Ben Tutt David Dodwell  Amy James Patricia Miklautsch Mark Shepherd Michelle Nazaroff  Christina Zipperlein Daniel Aaron Eric Staller Steve Dewire Dennis Hauswirth Glenn Adams

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