Now at first read, that sentence might sound cynical. It’s not. It’s actually an essential little mantra to carry with you as you design your next event, workshop, information product or product.

But let me put this in context. What I mean is that customers only care about what they care about. Ok, now that I’ve explained it, it might not sound cynical but simplistic. But as obvious as it should be, all too often we forget to start with what our clients and customers really want and actually value.

When talking to my clients, it’s often my job to explain to them that the very things they’re most excited about and view as huge differentiators won’t actually connect with the market they’re targeting.

And it’s not just newbies who fall into this trap. Many coaches, trainers, teachers, designers, store-owners and so on are wasting time, money or energy on products or strategies that only they find fascinating and necessary.

For instance, taking the time to set up a charitable tie-in to your business might be personally fulfilling but unless you’ve identified and keyed into like-minded shoppers, don’t expect your philanthropy to pay off in sales.

Marketing works when it aligns with your fans’ own ethics – otherwise shoppers will turn a blind eye.

Similarly, you might pour all your time into creating a beautiful website or perfecting audio or video components rather than focusing on delivering valuable (for the client that is) content. So be the customer!

know what your customer wantsYou might deliver your content in the format that you like to receive it, but unless your students are just like you – your message might not be reaching them at all. Remember it’s what your customers and clients think they want – not what you “know” they need.

The lesson? Determine what your customer wants and will appreciate, and spend your time and money in those areas and push everything else to the back burner.


Nicolay H. Kreidler is an entrepreneur and strategic consultant in the health and wellness space who focuses on turning around distressed businesses and re-positioning them for success.


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