The Clarity Process® – 2 Month Program

Step-by-Step Business Transformation

The Results
The Clarity Process® is for solopreneurs, small business owners and partners in the health and wellness, service and product industry who make a positive impact in people’s lives.

It’s not for individuals or companies that do not have a business yet or are still at the early stages of figuring out their product or service.

The Clarity Process ® is a program to assist you in getting a crystal-clear assessment of your current resources, a precise definition of your goals and a clear path of action going forward to achieve exactly what you want. In writing, comprehensive, and achievable.

Each business is a unique combination of many systems and people which is why cookie-cutter solutions rarely work. It can seem overwhelming to identify what parts of the system need to be changed and even more challenging to know how to improve or go to the next level.


  • A clear and comprehensive 12 to 18-month written business development plan;
  • A clear definition of your target market, mission, and business model
  • A detailed marketing and sales strategy;
  • A step-by-step operational implementation plan;
  • Clear goals across all key performance indicators;
  • A clear understanding of any system improvements and how to implement them.
  • A blueprint for an ongoing business improvement approach.

Which lead to

  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • Direction
  • Stability
  • Trust

… and ultimately when implemented, your desired financial and personal outcome.

And that you can also use to present in part or as a whole to:

  • Investors
  • Stakeholders
  • Employees
  • Partners
  • Subcontractors
  • And anyone who needs to align with the business.


This is not a do-it-yourself type course that wants all the answers from you but a highly individualized one-on-one consulting done with you program that is co-creative in style and focused on producing results.

What makes this program so potent?

As an entrepreneur, I’ve done it over and over for myself in my own businesses and for many more other entrepreneurs as a consultant. This gives me the vantage point of seeing many different ways of transforming challenges under different conditions across multiple types of business and all aspects of business operations and development.

This process isolates the most important and challenging reoccurring part of any business: Developing an effective road map for the next period of time that is comprehensive, achievable, and broken down into manageable actions.


  • Weekly 60-minute one-on-one recorded video or audio call;
  • Unlimited email support;
  • Worksheets for each functional area;

Print ready business development plan for the next designated time period.