Nicolay H Kreidler

Executive Summary

  • Over 20 years of entrepreneurship
  • Over 10 years of experience as a consultant

1990 Germany

  • Michelin Star Chef
  • Whole food restaurant chain owner
  • Restaurant consultant

1995 Hawaii

  • Study of Healing Arts, NLP, Hypnotherapy
  • Practice
  • Workshop Leader

2003 New York

  • Spa Consultant - Puerto Rico, Texas, California, Bermuda, Costa Rica, Antigua

2009 Bali

  • Organic Children's Clothing Company Founder
  • Business Growth Consultant

2015 California

  • Lead•Grow•Thrive 
  • Business Consultant

I was born in South Africa, grew up for while in Canada and moved to Germany when I was a still a young child. I finished "Gymnasium" in Germany and decided against an academic path and rather chose to be more hands-on and became a chef de cuisine. After achieving a fair amount of success as a young executive chef and being honored with a Michelin Star in Germany, I went on to open multiple large-scale vegetarian self-serve restaurants with all the trimmings from retail to catering. The name of the restaurant group was Amaranth.

In my early thirties, I decided I had had enough of the restaurant business for a while and spent the next few years studying healing modalities around the world and ended my journey in Hawaii where I developed a practice and workshop teaching career. That path ultimately led me to New York and the next 7 years of consulting in the spa industry. Projects took me from Costa Rica to Antigua, Puerto Rico, Bermuda and all over the U.S.

In 2009 when the market crashed I was working on a hot spring based health and wellness spa and retreat center project in Northern California. With our first daughter on the way, we decided to take a sabbatical and travel through South East Asia. Our first stop was Bali and we "never" left. A year or two into the experience we founded an organic children's clothing company called Kids Organic Clothing Company.

We left Bali to return to the U.S. in 2015. I founded Lead•Grow•Thrive and I've been focused on developing consulting work to significantly improve the success rates in businesses that do good and make a positive impact on people's lives. I work with clients internationally and in the U.S. My signature service is a two-month done-with-you comprehensive business growth plan that serves as a roadmap for entrepreneurs, a detailed presentation for investors and a communications piece for stakeholders in part or as a whole.